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Saturday November 21st 2015 at 8:30 am
Coins, Silver Dollars & More
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Some of the Coins include: 1879 -0 Morgan Silver Dollar, 1882-O
Morgan Silver Dollar, 1887 -O Morgan Silver Dollar, 1889-O Morgan
Silver Dollar, 1890-O Morgan Silver Dollar, 1894 -O Uncirculated
Morgan Silver Dollar, 1896-O Morgan  Silver Dollar, 1892-O Morgan
Silver Dollar, 1899-O Morgan Silver Dollar, 1900-O Morgan Silver
Dollar, Lot of Three Silver Peace Dollar 1921 P, 1921 D and 1921 S,
1923 Peace Silver Dollar, 1924 Peace Silver Dollar, 1927 D Peace
Silver Dollar Key Date, Complete Bicentennial Collection of 12 Coins,
Roll (20 Coins) of Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars, Complete Roll
of 1967 Kennedy Half Dollars Clad, Complete Roll of 1968 Kennedy
Half Dollars Clad, Complete Roll (20 Coins) of Silver Walking Liberty
Half Dollars, Complete Roll (40 Coins) Silver Washington Quarter,
Complete Roll of Silver Uncirculated 1964 Silver Roosevelt Dimes,
Complete Roll of Silver 1950's Silver Roosevelt Dimes, Complete
Roll of 1945 Lincoln Wheat Pennies, Uncirculated Set of 1955  
Complete Set of Five Coins,  Set of 5 Coins:  Silver, Nickel, and Penny
History, Uncirculated Set of 1955  Complete Set of Five Coins,
Uncirculated Set of 1958  Complete Set of Five Coins, and more